About Another Look

another look :1) A new design that refreshes an outdated look, 2) Viewing something again because one is captivated by it's appearance and function


    We are a culture of Craftsmanship and Design. Another Look was formed as a means to provide high-end design, with unmatched quality, to all people. We are passionate about custom design and creating stand-out pieces in FURNITURE, ARCHITECTURE & ART. It is our mandate to provide exceptional quality that you are proud to have, and we are proud to say that we design/built it. Striving to create and discover honorable concepts through an excogitative approach, our process of design and inspiration is based on the specific factors that make up each, individual project. We take the time to learn about our clients and their needs to ultimately, come to a design that will function in a way that benefits them best.


    Giving back & volunteering our design and craftsman services for non-profit groups is a dynamic piece of who we are and how we practice our belief of making sure quality design is available to everyone. Each year our team undergoes several projects in which we have volunteered our time and materials to support various communities.